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Step Four: Order Information

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Step Five: Issue Type

Give us an idea of the type of issue you're running into. You can find desciptions on the right to help you decide.
Severe weather has prevented you from attending, such as an avalanche, blizzard, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or landslide.
Someone in your family has passed away within 30 days prior to the event.
The coordinators of the event rescheduled it and you are unable to attend on the new date.
The coordinators of the event cancelled it without rescheduling.
Fire, burglary, vandalism, flood, or natural disaster caused your home to be uninhabitable
Fire, burglary, vandalism, flood, or natural disaster caused your work to be unsuitable for normal business practice
You were requested for either Jury Duty, subpoena, or court order requiring you to attend court the day the event is scheduled preventing the you from being at the event.
You or your spouse were laid-off or terminated from your job.
You had an unforeseen serious illness that prevented you from attending the event.
You had an unforeseen serious injury that prevented you from attending the event.
You had a medical issue that does not fall under the above "Illness" or "Injury" designations.
You were scheduled for active duty and/or had your personal leave denied. Does not include disciplinary reasons.
Your vehicle broken down within 48 hours of the event and you couldn't attend.
You were/are required to travel for work-related purposes that conflict with the date of the event.
You had a personal issue that came up that prevented you from attending.
Your issue didn't fall into any of the categories listed above. Don't worry, you'll have a chance on the next page to explain your issue further.

Step Six: Issue Information

*When did this issue occur? If you don't have a set date, just put todays date.
*Can you describe your issue? This helps our agents understand what's going on before they get in touch with you.
*How many tickets are you looking to be reimbursed for?
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Step Seven: Order Number

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What are the ticket numbers on the tickets you want reimbursed? In many cases, these appear directly beneath the barcode.

Please put one per box. If you do not know or cannot find the ticket numbers, you may leave this field blank.

Failing to enter any ticket numbers available may result in your claim being automatically denied.

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